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Emily Lynn Artistry 

How to care for your new hair

How to Care for Chemically Treated Hair

• Wash Your Hair Carefully

It’s a lifelong commitment this chemical treatment. Be prepared girl! Arming yourself with the right shampoo and conditioner isn’t good enough. You need to wash your hair carefully too. First of all, never wash your hair for at least 24 hours after any chemical treatment. This is because during the treatment your hair shafts have been chemically adjusted. Your tresses need to get used to it and if you wash it before 24 hours, you’ll only be ruining the effectiveness of the chemical treatment. When in doubt, buy from the salon!

Regular maintenance of chemically treated hair is important so there are some things you should or shouldn’t do. One of the most important tips I could give you is to avoid the sun. The strong rays of the sun don’t help your hair treatments at all. Not only does the sun strip moisture away from your hair, but if you’ve got colored hair, you should know too much sun fades it. The best advice would be to keep your head covered whenever it’s possible. If not, buy yourself some color-protecting serum or spray which can act as a sunscreen for your hair.

• Straightening

Will I still need my blowdryer and flatiron? It depends on the look you're going for. "What most women love about getting a Brazilian blowout is that they can get away with a good natural look," but if you want hair that's ultra straight and sleek, you may have to use your heat-styling tools, though it should take much less time to achieve the look.

How soon can I wash it or get it wet? Wait at least three days to a week before washing your hair: "Your hair is in a fragile state after you've gotten it straightened". Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners because sulfates can strip the straightening chemicals from the hair. "Chlorine and ocean water can also pull it out of the hair." This is something to note if you're a committed swimmer. This only applies to certain products in our salon. Most are 24 - 48 hours but ask your stylist to write down how long you do need to wait before shampooing or swimming.

• Brazilian Keratin Vs. Hair Straightening

First of all a Brazilian does not remove curl or totally straighten and neither dose a relaxer. This is a common misconception. They are designed to make it easier to smooth your hair.

First, I still believe that Brazilian Keratin hair straightening is very different than regular hair straightening. If you get Brazilian Keratin, it’s very important that you realize your hair isn’t going to go pin straight like it can be with chemical hair straightening. Your hair will definitely be extremely straight when you walk out of the salon (it’s flat ironed), but realize it’s not going to stay that way. I’ve seen some ads online that I believe are a little misleading, because they show models with pin straight hair. Maybe that happens to some types of hair, but certainly not the majority. What will happen is that your hair will feel healthier, look shinier, be straighter and you will blow dry it less, if at all. These are all good things. For any questions, please ask your stylist.

Aqua hair care

Never sleep with damp or wet hair moisture will cause slippage over time.

Avoid applying heat directly to the adhesive or bonds.

Only use professional products that are sulfate and sodium-free. that you stylist will offer. 

Don’t overdo it with products.

Don’t wash your hair more than 3 times a week. use dry shampoo in between

Be careful not to put the product directly on the application area (especially hairspray).

Avoid products with alcohol.

Blot with towel.

Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after first getting the extensions installed.

If it becomes loose or hanging contact your stylist right away.

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